Christmas time

Christmas time
Official music video by singer and songwriter Curd Conrad Müller
Released 12/2019

A full, instrumental arrangement with a text that is perhaps a little thoughtful, what if…?

Original rock, singer, guitarist, bassist, composer and lyricist Curd Conrad Müller ‘lives’ his music, and that has been a damn long time…

He doesn’t care if it’s heart-softening snout snouts of German or Anglo-American origin, he doesn’t need an artificial hairpiece on his chest or a hair dryer… Woman/man enthusiastically accepts his honest way of his performance and demands more…

On the other hand, he cannot deny his love of rock music with all its manifold facets and woman/man listens tensely and fascinates his bluesy, rough soul voice, once again demands more… and wonders in the next moment about a delicately-heeled “Ahh”… or the timbre … a romantic song by the Bee Gees.
Even before trips towards classical vocal powers, he does not stop….

Growing up with the music of the sixties like that of the Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan as well as that of the Bee Gees , a Willy de Wille in the 80s, brought a lot of live experience, mostly as a frontman, with countless performances to this day…

At some point in the late 60’s, however, CCM began to be interested in exciting German lyrics, successes of Reinhard Mey, a band called ‘Your Children’ offered good orientation.

Later, German songwriters such as Stefan Waggershausen, Herbert Grönemeyer, Karat, Peter Maffay and all good lyricists were among his musical role models.

Only now, however, Does CCM release some of his songs on CD thanks to digital platforms under his first name Curd Conrad, starting at 10.06. 2018 under his full name Curd Conrad Müller… 2
015 Founding of the own label cucomusicproduction, mainly own productions with different studios.

First single releases of his next CD ‘Late Summer Time’ CURD CONRAD MÜLLER… Would it be desirable to be heard in the public broadcasters of the German TV and radio broadcasters…