About me

Filming on the Zugspitze

I was already thrilled by hobby movies at the age of 18. Back then, I was on a mute picture hunt with a Super 8 camera. It wasn't until much later that the sound track came to that. It was a formative time and the footage was very expensive. Three minutes cost 15 marks, with sound track considerably more.  There was a careful thought about which scenes really had to be in the "box."

In this day and age, this interests the fewest hobby filmmakers. There is a perder turned on it. Sometimes with camera, more and more often with your smartphone. After all, it costs virtually nothing.

As the narrow-film era slowly drew to a close, I began making the first films in VHS and later in S-VHS. For the first time, expensive equipment for film editing was procured for the camera. Even then, I didn't just want to make films from the beach holiday and various family festivals and possibly bore my viewers with it. Instead, I started the first documentaries about different countries. Weeks of film cutting and post-music were now my hobby.

However, despite this enthusiasm, the time followed when I said goodbye to filmmaking for a few years. The frustration was far too great when I noticed that this video footage was not suitable for eternity. The lot of work was in vain, the videos had quickly lost quality. The images grieshed like in a snowfall and featured stripes.

It was only with digitization that I was able to warm myself up again for filming. First with a small camera with film function, later with the first good video camera from Panasonic – and now in this day and age with a semi-professional camera from Sony. In the meantime, all the equipment has been increased. A drone, two field monitors, a professional tripod, a clay algae with micro, two studio lights and a large greenscreen were added, as was a new and fast computer for film editing and professional editing software.

Scene image from the documentary "Soul Legacy"

Together with the successful crime writer Manfred Bomm, the first two documentaries were made in 2016 and 2017, entitled "Soul Legacy" and "The Weathermakers of the Alb." Many more are in the pipeline and will follow. And thanks to Manfred Bomm, an early youth dream has finally come within touching distance: The story and script for the first feature film are currently in the works.

First script design

And since everything needs a platform these days, the website "MyPapillon" has been created. A platform for our films.

More movies can be found on my video channel on Youtube unterh