Feature film project

Kurschatten-Commissioner Häberle investigates in Bad Waldsee

I have been friends with the very successful crime writer Manfred Bomm for many years and we have already realized some cinematic projects with each other in the past. And at some point, in a conversation, the idea arose for the many fans of his commissioner Häberle to make a small feature film. This idea took on more and more form over time and now the time has finally come. We are working together on the cinematic implementation of a crime story by Manfred Bomm, which he writes especially for it. The inclusion of the story in the necessary script is already under way and is being done by myself.

Commissioner Häberle investigates in Bad Waldsee

The beautiful Bad Waldsee was chosen as the setting for the film. All actors come either directly from Bad Waldsee or the surrounding area and almost all have many years of in-depth theatre or some film experience. Another cinematographer with feature film experience including valuable equipment could also be won over for the project. The city of Bad Waldsee has now expressed great interest in this project and has pledged helpful support in its implementation.

After 48 years of work in retirement, I finally have the necessary free time and fill a long-cherished youth dream with this project. The project including I financed equipment 100% out of my own pocket. And I am very lucky that all the contributors who have so far firmly promised to be there with fire and flame for fun and give up their Gage.  But should you make some money with this project at some point, I will divide it 100% to all contributors.

That dreams come true.