Stress in the Champus Express

Live recording from the play “Stress im Champus Express.” Listed by the Kolpingtheater Bad Waldsee. Game season 2019.

The publication of this excerpt was kindly published by Plausus Theaterverlag GmbH & Co. Approved.

Kolpingtheater Bad Waldsee -Stress in the Champus Express

Morning Fango, Evening Tango!

Kolpingtheater Bad Waldsee
(original title: If one does a trip ..) Comedy in 3 acts by Regina Rösch Game Time 2017

Short film as a break filler of a play that mercilessly moves between the 1st and the second act inserts and allows the actors backstage the necessary time for a rebuilding of the stage.

Starring the stage clippings and break film

  • Stefan Scheiter as Oswald Krause
  • Christine Auer as Helga Krause
  • Franz Müller as Emil Lautenschläger
  • Marion Metzler as Betty Lutenschläger
  • Roland Metzler as a passenger with a swimming ring

Director: Ulrich Hörmann,
Cinematographer: Elmar Maronn, Monika Maronn
Film Editing by Elmar Maronn